The Goal of this special class is to make clear how a person becomes a member of God’s family and how we should act once we are His children.  We also want you to know how to be a part of a local expression of God’s family – this example is for Living Hope Church.

The class has six sections, Adoption, Moving In, the Family “Play‑Book”, Family Values, Family Tasks, and the Family Reunion.  The first deals with becoming a member of God’s family and leading others into this great relationship.  Moving In has to do with the basic parts of Christian life – what you do at first and what you do to grow up in the family.  The Family Play‑Book explains why we believe the Bible is God’s Word and how it should instruct us in living in the family.  Family Values explains the basics of the Christian faith and some specifics of our church beliefs.  Next we’ll explain some of the Family Tasks – what is expected of Christians in God’s family?  Last we will have a Family Reunion – where did we come from and where are we going?  What is our mission?

 This notebook is intended to help you prepare for each session.  Please read through each 

section and answer the questions before coming to the class.  This way you, and everyone else in the class, will gain the greatest benefit from our time together.Thank you so much for your interest in LHC.  But more than that thank you for your love of Jesus Christ and the Father who sent him.  May you in all things draw nearer to Him.  There is no greater blessing in all of eternity than to be a member of God’s family.

In all His love,

Pastor Rick Henderson