You'll note the name is singular.  We have a single video that our local Christian Cable Ministries group recorded.  About a year ago they asked all the pastors to come by and record a video. They were hoping to collect enough to have a weekly show. They didn't, so they postponed the project. After a year they did, though, finally get a DVD to me. Apparently the actual "prepared for airing" copy was lost so I just received the raw file.

This was kind of an odd recording, they just had me stand in front of the cameras (no audience) and speak. A little strange but I did the best I could. Hopefully it is helpful to you!  They've asked if I'd please do some more sermons, but they're also still trying to raise money.  So, if you'd like to see more, you just have to contribute to the fund!  The audio is, as always, free to upload and, thus, for you to hear.  

If you'd like the notes, PowerPoint (very useful for this talk), or audio recording of this particular sermon it's available here.

Thanks for viewing!