Guiding a New Generation in a World Gone Mad

How could one present this ancient wisdom in a way that will capture the imagination of the world today?

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The ancient words of Solomon and company presented in a way that people today already understand is the form of Wisdom.  See the web site to get more info, but basically it's Yoda!  Seriously.  Turns out George Lucas was regularly brought to the Synagogue when he was a boy, where they used a translation of the Hebrew text that was very close to the Hebrew language flow.  This is what Dr. Robert Young did with his Young's Literal Translation of the Bible back when Lincoln was president.  

It took way longer than expected (three years!) to update all the thee's and thou's, etc, and nearly 5 more to write all the supporting and explanatory text, and then get it into print.  But it is now available in the (vegan) leather version shown here, as well as in a Study Journal (which we are using in our men's bible study group right now).  Oh, you can order it with a name laser embossed on the back - when does someone through away a book with their name on it?!